Block mining NOTE!!! THE BEING BLOCK HAS INDEX = 1, THE SAME AS THE ONE FOLLOWING IT. SO IN THIS BLOCKCHAIN ​​THERE ARE TWO BLOCKS WITH IDENTICAL INDICES, BUT WITH DIFFERENT CONTENT. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NORMAL AND THIS IS THE FEATURE OF THIS BLOCKCHAIN. A unique mining system is implemented here, which stimulates a smooth increase in the value of the coin, preventing it from falling much with the onset of winter and is resistant to strong volatility, but at the same time the value increases. For mine, you need to go to localhost:8082/, multithreading is automatically turned on there and the number of threads is automatically turned on. Then go back to the menu in the top right corner and click on “Get Locked”, click on the “Start” button and then click on “International Union Corporation”, in the information window you should see “Is Mining Proper”. the update is also correct, which means that the system is loading the blockchain. Nothing will be displayed in the console, because if we display information there, mining will slow down six times for single-threaded and multi-threaded mining. If you want to turn off mining, click the “Stop” button twice, then click on the Corporation Intertation Union inscription, if everything stopped correctly, the information window will disappear. Under no circumstances should you interrupt the mining process by disabling the command line during mining or updating, as at this point the Blockchain and balance will be overwritten. When the information window goes out, mining will stop. A block is valid if the hash matches the target value according to this formula


In the get a block tab (http://localhost:8082/mining) you can make staking or withdraw money from staking. By filling in all fields. NOTE: IMPORTANT!!!!!! IF YOU CALL http://localhost:8082/testCalculate in the console you will see a list of accounts, and the balance there is different. Be sure to report this to the server owner, since the balance either on your wallet or on the server is not displayed correctly and he will not be able to send money. look at the picture. If the server owner has discovered this problem, then he should update the resources folder and you don’t have to worry, if the problem is with the server, all the owners are exceptional professionals and know their stuff. P.S. (At the moment, in addition to the founder, you can also contact @suprtrupr and @caspar2114 on discord, since they are one of the best in these matters and can help you when I don’t have time.)

Important Information:

In this system, the block with the most big random wins. Big random is a number that is formed from three components. 1. Difficulty 2. Random number 3. staking up to index 247867, each difficulty level gave 9 points. difficult * 9. after 247867 each difficulty level gives 55 points. Difficult * 55. up to index 247867 hash as a seed could give a number from 0 to 55. after 247867 hash as a seed, it gives a number from 0 to 135. up to index 247867, initial staking cost 1 coin, first point. After the index 247867, initial staking costs 10 coins, the first point. Now in more detail: this is the formula by which a single score is calculated. int result = deterministicRandom.nextInt(limit); result = (int) ((int) (result + (actual.getHashCompexity() * waight)) + calculateScore(miner.getDigitalStakingBalance(), number) 1. Difficulty. Each participant can choose the difficulty from 17 to 100. Each block has a hash, where the sum of the ones in bits must be equal to or lower than the target. The goal is calculated as 100 - difficulty (100 minus difficulty.). Each difficulty level gives 55 points. That is, if you set the difficulty to 20, then the difficulty points will be equal to 20 * 55 = 1100. 2. Random number. The hash of the block becomes the seed to generate a random number from 0 to 135. 3. Staking. Each subsequent point costs twice as much and is calculated using this formula: public static long calculateScore(double x, double x0) { if (x <= 0) { return 0; } double score = Math.ceil(Math.log(x / x0) / Math.log(2)); return Math.min(400, (long) score); } but this number cannot be more than 400. All points from the three parameters are summed up. Each node (server) selects one block with the highest number of points every 100 seconds. Afterwards, each node contacts random 7 nodes and compares the total big random (of all blocks of a given blockchain) of your blockchain and the blockchain of another node. If on another node the total big random is greater than on yours + the complexity of the last block, then your server will delete blocks up to the intersection point, and will add blocks of this node. The difference between blocks must be at least 100 seconds. The mining reward is calculated using the formula (5+coefficient + (difficulty * 0.2)) * multiplier. Where the multiplier is 29, but decreases by one each year until it reaches 1. The multiplier can be 0 or 3; For it to become equal to 3, two conditions must be met. 1. The sum of all transactions in the current block must be greater than in the previous block, excluding the founder's reward and the miner's reward. 2. The number of different senders in this block must be greater than in the previous block, not counting the base address from which the reward is sent to the founder and miner. this URL shows the last winner on this node, but does not show the winner if it was taken from another server and to see the last final winner you need /prevBlock IMPORTANT!!! The founder's reward from each block is equal to 10% of the miner's reward. This is necessary so that we can finance development. But these coins are created additionally, that is, they are not taken from the miner, but additional coins are created. account founder nNifuwmFZr7fnV1zvmpiyQDV5z7ETWvqR6GSeqeHTY43 P.S. (before this index 187200, the reward was also different and the details are Mining and UtilsUse).be sure, if you use your own server, you can configure your wallet on your server by going to the settings and writing your server there, without the slash at the end.


Story: a special block was created on index 24281, with the help of which we created 12,000,000 coins and these coins were given to the participants, since the blockchain was broken by an attack in 40 days and with the help of this address jPjuyLStHTCzwYt9J7R5M7pGUKshfcmEbtE3zVvCBE52 this money was returned to all participants who lost their coins. The bug in the code that allowed this attack was also finally fixed, and now the system is completely safe. Story: Starting from the index int V34_NEW_ALGO = 187200, the difficulty is selected by participants from 17 to 100. Before this index, the complexity algorithm changed and its details are in the UtilsBlock class method difficulty. Before this index, the mining algorithm also changed. Before index 151940, the mining algorithm was also different and the details are in the Block class as well as in related classes, UtilsUse.

Scoring Table:
Score Minimum value `x` + 1
1 11
2 21
3 41
4 81
5 161
6 321
7 641
8 1281
9 2561
10 5121
11 10241
12 20481
13 40961
14 81921
15 163841
16 327681
17 655361
18 1310721
19 2621441
20 5242881
21 10485761
22 20971521
23 41943041
24 83886081
25 167772161
26 335544321
27 671088641
28 1342177281
29 2684354561
30 5368709121
31 10737418241
32 21474836481
33 42949672961
34 85899345921
35 171798691841
36 343597383681
37 687194767361
38 1374389534721
39 2748779069441
40 5497558138881
41 10995116277761
42 21990232555521
43 43980465111041
44 87960930222081
45 175921860444161
46 351843720888321
47 703687441776641
48 1407374883553281
49 2814749767106561
50 5629499534213121
51 11258999068426241
52 22517998136852481
53 45035996273704961
54 90071992547409921
55 180143985094819841
56 360287970189639681
57 720575940379279361
58 1441151880758558721
59 2882303761517117441
60 5764607523034234881