By setting up a server with an external IP, you increase your chances of getting blocks. Since each server exchanges the current blockchain with each other. The current blockchain is the blockchain with the largest number of big rands in total and the greatest height. That is, those who have raised their servers significantly increase their chances of having your blocks included in the general blockchain. Each running server operates using the p2p protocol, and because of this, miners who raise their servers have a greater chance of getting their blocks onto the blockchain. In Intellij, be sure to install lombok by pressing ctrl + alt + s at the same time. need to be installed in plugins.
There are two installation methods. Simple: 1. download jar from the link 2. copy the resources folder from your wallet to the disk where the server jar is located. (note: at this moment the wallet must be turned off. The wallet and server jars cannot be located on the same disk. jar and the resources folder must be at the top level of the disk) 3. in the console type java -Dserver.port=8085 -Dserver.address= -jar C://unitedStates-0.0.9-SNAPSHOT.jar only with your (works if you run only via command console-cmd, does not work with powershell. for powershell for powershell try this order $env:server_port=82; $env:server_address=""; java -jar unitedStates-0.0.9 -SNAPSHOT.jar) port, host-address and your version) 4. The server will start automatically. The hard way: 1. You need to download jdk 19, intellij, 2. base h2 driver must be H2:2.1.210 3. path/ /resources/h2DB/ database tab 4. url jdbc:h2:file:/resources/h2DB/db;DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT=FALSE;AUTO_RECONNECT=TRUE database tab 5. ctrl + shift + alt go to the plugin and install lombok application properties do not need to be changed. 6. go to Settings (located in package International_Trade_Union.setings;) and write there instead of STANDART the name of your server and pubkey of your wallet 7. make sure jdk 19. 8. build via maven and then run java -Dserver.port=8085 -Dserver.address= -jar C://unitedStates-0.0.9-SNAPSHOT.jar (works if you run only via command console-cmd, does not work with powershell. for powershell for powershell try this order $env:server_port=82; $env:server_address=""; java -jar unitedStates-0.0.9 -SNAPSHOT.jar) only with yours 9. everything else is the same as in the simple method, before starting, copy the resources folder and your new jar to that disk
posted by @SuprTrupr discord Ubuntu Install PuTTy in your windows PC or something else for remote control.(For VPS server) Installation on Ubuntu 22.04 step by step
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade apt install openjdk-19-jre-headless sudo apt install screen sudo ufw allow 82/tcp //or put here your server port sudo ufw enable sudo ufw status //checking the rules, your port must be allowed
Copy the .jar and resources folder to the parent folder labeled "/" using FileZilla or similar. In the parent folder labeled "/" (You can see the "root", "etc",... folders in this folder.)
(After copying is complete) cd/ screen 2x put key SPACE
put command where u need change ??? to your IP address and PORT number. java -Dserver.port=??? -Dserver.address=???.???.???.??? -jar unitedStates-0.0.9-SNAPSHOT.jar
U can close PuTTy. ------------------- After relogin to PuTTy ------------------------ screen -r //restores .jar session to the screen