model.addAttribute("text1", "In this system there are three branches of government, " + "1. Legislative 2. Judicial 3. Executive. The legislative branch consists of 201 Board of Directors accounts." + " 2. The judiciary consists of 50 accounts of judges. " + "3. The executive branch consists of 1 account of the General Executive Director. " + "The Board of Directors and Judges are elected equally. " + "To do this, you must enter the “apply for a positon” tab, wait until the calculations " + "finish (calculate voting: index: ...) and the tab opens, then: " + "1. enter the first field, your public key. 2. reward for the miner to install 5 or more coins. " + "3. select the position you want from the tab. In the \"input address sender\" " + "field enter your pub key again. 4. enter your contact information in the last field. " + "(if you have already applied for a position once, you do not have to do it again with the same address). " + "5. After you must enter the “All created law packages” tab, find your position in the name of the package, " + "example: BOARD_OF_DIRECTORS, 6. Go to “details” and find your public key, in index 0. further, " + "if you find it. 7. copy \"address package law\", 8. give this address to other participants so that " + "they vote for you and you are elected. to do this, they must enter the \"Vote\" " + "tab, where in the first field they must enter their public key, and in the second " + "they must enter the address of the law that you copied in point 7 (in the same way, " + "you yourself can vote for other laws). 9. Select YES or NO from the tab. " + "10. Fill in the remaining data and click send. How Positions Are Elected The Board of Directors and " + "Judges are elected in the same manner. To elect the Board of Directors, " + "201 addresses from point 7 with the highest rating are selected. The rating is calculated this way. " + "The number of your shares is equal to the number of votes that you can give either YES or NO, " + "let’s say you have 100 shares, which means you can give 100 YES and 100 NO votes. For each candidate, " + "the counting takes place in this way, all votes are YES - NO, and thus the result is the RATING. " + "201 bills filed for the position of the Board of Directors and 50 bills filed for the position of a " + "judge are elected judges. The CEO is elected in a similar way, but his rating must also be received from " + "the Board of Directors, when the board of directors and judges vote, they also have their " + "own chambers both within their chambers and within the chambers, one score equals one vote, " + "so to be elected by the board of directors, your rating must be 10 or more from the chamber. " + "All current positions are in the Fea tured Guid. All your votes are taken into account " + "only for the last four years, and you can change your vote at any time. If, for example, " + "you vote for several participants, then your votes will be divided between them. Example: you gave YES " + "for 2 candidates and NO for 4 candidates. You have one hundred shares (100), so two participants will " + "receive 50 votes according to the formula 100 / YES, and four against whom you voted will receive minus " + "twenty-five (-25) according to the same formula 100 / NO. All created laws have an expiration date of " + "up to 4 years, and you must vote for them. You also need to take into account that all your " + "representatives are, in fact, delegates, since if your number of shares decreases or increases, " + "the number of votes also changes. More details are currently described in the GitHub readme. to " + "create laws Create a package law . All laws are created by the package, you also need to pay 5 or more " + "digital dollars to the miner and fill out the fields, then send. all current laws fall into the Current " + "tab and packages of laws. In order for your law to also be voted for, you need the same as for the " + "position in paragraph 7. You need to find the name of your package and copy the address of this law.");